Offset Carbon.
Restore Nature.
Plant a Spekboom.
ReSpek Nature is a trusted platform that allows you to offset your carbon emissions with a click.
The spekboom is an Eastern Cape Karoo native miracle plant that has an amazing capacity to absorb or sequester carbon - in fact it's one of the most effective on the planet! A miracle plant
How ReSpek Nature Carbon Offsetting Works
Every time you purchase something, a small amount of CO₂ is released into the atmosphere.
By supporting ReSpek Nature, you can plant a spekboom in the Karoo, or several of them, to offset your CO₂.
Result, the environmental impacts of consumption are reversed.
1 hectare of spekboom

Captures 8.5 carbon tonnes/year

48 875km driven by an average car

Plant a spekboom and play a valuable part
in turning back the tide of climate change

Deeply South African

To start, ReSpek Nature is helping to plant out thousands of spekboom on the site of the Giant Flag - a world-first green innovation project that celebrates the spirit of South Africa, her land and her people, while bringing together job creation, clean energy and tourism.

Once the green of the Giant Flag is planted out, ReSpek Nature will continue planting on farms and municipal land across the Karoo.

Are you a merchant? Integrate the RESPEK NATURE add-on to your checkout, and help your customers feel even better about their purchase.